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Animal Medical Center

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The Animal Medical Center of Southern California is an AAHA accredited, state of the art 14,000 square foot general, emergency, referral, specialty, and teaching hospital located in West Los Angeles, California. + Learn More

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The Animal Medical Center is staffed with a board-certified specialist, staff doctors with advanced training, highly qualified interns and resident doctors, and accomplished paraprofessionals.

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Excellent Service.

The expertise and knowledge of our staff provides general, emergency, and specialty care unsurpassed in quality or service. We maintain the highest standards of pet health care available anywhere. + Learn More

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About Animal Medical Center

The Animal Medical Center of Southern California is devoted to providing the best medical, surgicalm and emergency critical care available in veterinary medicine. As important as our medical expertise is, we believe that excellent care combines state-of-the-art veterinary medicine and surgery with a focus on compassion and respect for your pet and for your family.

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Total derangement or dislocation of the stifle joint is a serious injury usually caused by severe direct or indirect trauma to the knee.

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