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Rescuing Asha Attie and Her Pups

Bill Foundation received a plea for help from one of our shelter advocates late Sunday night about a Mama Shih Tzu that had been dumped at East Valley Shelter and gave birth shortly afterward. She was malnourished and her fur was completely matted, so her pups were having a hard time finding her nipples to nurse. So Bill Foundation stepped in to save this mama and her babies.

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We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to play a role in the rescue of this mom and her pupppies. After their original physical examinations, the mom and pups were bathed and cleaned, dewormed and placed in a clean, separate environment in our treatment area so that they could be continuously monitored. We have watched them grow and thrive while at our hospital. Asha Attie has been a perfect mom and has been consistently attendant to her puppies. They are close to being old enough to be adopted, thanks to the efforts of The Bill Foundation and the entire staff of The Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

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