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All animals undergoing anesthetic dental procedures are treated with the same care as animals undergoing surgery. To guarantee the safest outcome, the AMC requires all patients undergoing an anesthetic procedure have a pre-operative health exam and a diagnostic blood panel. If your pet is unable to sit still for a thorough dental evaluation, teeth cleaning, and/or other dental work, general anesthesia with precise patient monitoring may be necessary. In this case, your pet’s respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen level within the blood are constantly monitored throughout the procedure to ensure the safest, consistent use of the minimum level of anesthetic necessary.

The following are reasons why anesthesia or deep sedation may be necessary for oral examination and dental procedures:

  • Dental tartar may be firmly attached to the surface of teeth and needs to be removed.
  • Scaling by ultrasonic scalers and sharp hand instruments are necessary in order to remove the dental tartar.
  • Any sudden movement can cause injury to the animal or individual performing the dental procedure.
  • Dental scaling is performed above and below the gum line. Scaling the teeth above the gum line usually does not cause discomfort; however, scaling below the gum line (or under the gums) can cause discomfort. The area below the gum line, or sub gingival space, is the most important area to clean as periodontal disease begins here.
  • As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, our facility has incorporated digital dental radiography to ensure we are providing your pet the absolute highest-quality dentistry assisted by the latest diagnostic imaging technology. We take full mouth x-rays to determine the condition of your pet’s teeth and tooth roots. These images allow our doctors to assess the integrity of a tooth diagnostically to make sure we provide accurate diagnoses of the health of your pet’s teeth and roots.
  • Animals that have dental work done feel and act healthier. With the cause for their pain or infection gone, their breath will smell fresh again, their immune systems will be less stressed, and their energy levels will strengthen. All animals undergoing dental procedures are generally admitted and released from the hospital the same day.